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Terms and Conditions

- All customers of Zenphoric, should be 18+ or have a legal guardians permission to use products.

-All reviews are accepted, please NO PROFANITY. I strive for excellent customer service. You feel as if you are not given this, please leave your comments in the forum and it will be handled appropriately. 

- NO REFUNDS or exchanges. A 72hr Guarantee does come with all applications. After 72HRs CHARGES WILL APPLY 

- Leaving a review, or booking an appointment, requires you to sign up and become a member of Zenphoric Beauty.

- I am NOT licensed skin professional and my products are not FDA approved.

-All product recipes come from self discovered knowledge and personal use. 

- All products will ship out within 72 hours of purchase. I am a full time college student, please be mindful of this.

- I am a HOME BASED CERTIFIED lash technician

-When booking a lash appointment, please note you are agreeing to the below statements. You also agree to complying to all policies listed below.

 ___I understand that because of my natural eyelash cycle and wear and tear, fill ins will be required every 2-3 weeks.

___ I understand that lash care is up to me, not my lash technician.  

___ I understand that any pictures or film taken by "Zenphoric" Beauty" may be used for advertisement and promotion of brand. 

___ I hereby release any and all persons representing "Zenphoric Beauty", from all claims, demands, damages, actions, and            cause of action arising out of performance of service.

___ I understand that my eyelash technician is not licensed, but only certified.

___ I understand that this agreement doesn’t expire and is valid at anytime during the course of services. 

___ I understand that lashes should be clean at service or a $10 lash bath fee will apply. 

___ I understand there are no refunds for any services that are provided. (72 HOUR Guarantee)

___ I understand that my lash technician is HOME BASED 

___ I certify, that I completely understand and comply with each statement.


  • A $15 deposit is required for ALL bookings

  • There is a $25 SAME DAY APPOINTMENT FEE 

  •  Please note that NO COMPANY is allowed, unless being serviced ( I do this out of my own PERSONAL (HOME-BASED) space, there is no extra seating) 

  • ARRIVE ON TIME (Please do not arrive no more than 5 mins early) 

  • 10 min GRACE PERIOD ( after 10 mins, you will be charged $10, after 15 mins you will be charged $15, some days are busy meaning after 15 mins your appointment is canceled. 

  • I do NOT provide house calls 

  • NO CALL NO SHOWS are not tolerated, please contact me if you cannot make your appointment. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you can transfer your deposit to a new appointment date within 1  week of your original date.

Things to do before your appointment : Shower before your appointment ( You cannot get your lashes wet until 24 hours prior, so it’s best to knock that out) ,, WEAR COMFORTABLE clothing ( during your appointment you will be laying on your back for approx. 2-3 hours depending on the set, make sure you are comfortable) ,, Remove your CONTACTS if necessary to avoid discomfort,, TURN OFF CELL PHONE ( you will NOT be able to check notifications during your appointment) ,, COME with a FRESHLY washed face that is FREE FROM ALL MAKEUP ,, Make sure hair is pulled back from face and not in the way of service.

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